In my disease class, we currently researched the spread of certain diseases in areas of the world. I was assigned Africa and specifically picked the disease Ebola or EVF. This is my public service announcement (PSA) targeted to people specifically residing in Uganda, Africa. Uganda is a place where a lot of the Ebola outbreaks occur. 

Attention, to all citizens currently residing in Uganda, this is a public service announcement informing you of the current Ebola outbreaks through out the Uganda area. According to studies from Ngalimea Hospital, avoid contact with all infected individuals. The infected are highly contagious and can infect others through the contact of their body fluids. If their blood, saliva, puke, feces, or urine come in contact with you, the chances of you becoming infected are extremely high. If you do become infected with the Ebola virus, immediately quarantine yourself and contact the authority’s. The first onset symptoms of Ebola virus or EVF include becoming delusional, having a fever, joint pains, muscle pains and chest pain. Be safe, stay indoors and be smart. Thank you.




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