In my disease class, we looked at how disease spread over the world for our assigned continent.  The continent I got was Asia, and  I studied cholera.Check out my public service announcement below.

What do you know about Cholera? According to the bbc, 8 million people died in Asia because of Cholera. Cholera spread from Asia during the nineteenth century in successive waves of epidemics. During epidemics, direct inter-human transmission is the most frequent mode of infection, whether it be from a sick patient, a healthy carrier, an infected cadaver, or from feces-contaminated drinking water or food. In non-epidemic periods, aquatic plants, and mollusks are the reservoirs for the bacteria. Asia have a lot of traffic that makes cholera spread. However, Asian cholera strains have been spread around the world already e.g. by ballast water of ships;  and the billions of people that live in Asia . All of these information are from doctors without borders organization.


Cholera: Diagnosis and Treatment outside the hospital                                                             Dr Trisha M.(January,2011). Cholera. Published by BBC