Swaraj is the idea of being self-sovereign. It is about learning how to take control of your world and not letting other forces take away your control over your own life. Swaraj has been one of the most influential themes in all the movements that have taken place in the past year. Everything from the Occupy movement to the Arab Spring began with someone saying that they were fed up, that they wanted a change. And it wasn’t just that these people wanted a change, it was that they wanted to be the ones to make their ideas a reality. Swaraj has been shown throughout the world as a contagious system of empowerment. I did a project based on the movement taking place in Syria right now, a movement that has unfortunately taken a bloody and violent turn.

In order to achieve swaraj, many people have had to make sacrifices for what they believe in. Syrians are currently using many different nonviolent methods to achieve swaraj. They have been handing out leaflets, and other forms of literature to make sure people in Syria are aware of what is happening and why it is happening. The internet has also been a major contributor to the movement because it has helped people spread the message and make sure the world is aware of their fight for self-government.