For my disease class, I looked at why DFTD spread in Australia.

Tasmanian Devils are susceptible to DFTD

The Tasmanian devil is one of the most carnivorous animals alive since 1936. The Tasmanian devil is short and stocky with black fur. Even with their thick and muscular bodies they are quick animals and have the ability to swim and climb. They are similar to dogs because they have good sense of smell. According to Zimerman 2009, Tasmanian devils are in danger because of the Devil facial tumor disease also known as DFTD. The first animal to be documented with disease was in1996. This disease creates wounds on the face and spread around the body, these wounds eventually turn into cancerous tumors. These tumors interfere with the animals eating and often they starve to death. DFTD can be spread by animals biting each other. This is important because if Tasmanian devils die out, it can disrupt the environmental food chain.

^ Zimmer, Carl (December 31, 2009). “Findings on Origin of a Cancer in Tasmanian Devils”. New York Times. Retrieved 2009-12-31. “The Tasmanian devil, the spaniel-size marsupial found on the Australian island of Tasmania, has been hurtling toward extinction in recent years, the victim of a bizarre and mysterious facial cancer that spreads like a plague.”