In Organizational Systems & Models class, we studied two guiding questions:  What are the fundamental needs of people in society? How do these inspire systems and models? While we were answering these questions, we had to pick one fundamental human need. I picked water as fundamental human need because many people do not know how to use water. Please see my work below.

Citation: Source: FAO, Retrieved from UN Statistics
In the USA there are problems with wasting water in 2012. The US uses 70% of fresh water for irrigation, 22% for industry and 8% for domestic use. If climate change killed all the crops, how much fresh water will be available in the US?

70% of fresh water remains. In this scenario we have two solutions which are saving more water and losing corps. In my opinion saving more water is better because we can use it for other to produce. Also losing crop is bad too because we do not have food in USA there are for we will have more hunger