Our ‘Education in 8 Movements’ (Integrated English-History) class studied “Do It Yourself (DIY)” as a post-secondary learning option. We examined the challenges and benefits of a self-directed education from multiple perspectives, including autobiography. Below are a few of my thoughts on our subject of inquiry.

While studying Ayn Rand’s The Romantic Manifesto, I learned how character is shaped by values, and how our sense of life is informed by our emotional response to nature. Meanwhile, I reflected on some physical things I value, and how these influencers reveal my character.

* The photosynth above provides tips to help in navigating through my collage. I added highlights on the side bar that point out what my ten influences are. As for the rest of the collage, feel free to look around!

During this Unit on DIY, I read some of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
Like Franklin, I created a chart of 13 unique virtues and measured self-improvement on a daily basis. I grew most from my commitment to decrease stress: I allowed myself to see what it is like to make a substantial effort without putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

My classmates and I studied Frederick Douglass’ famous lecture, “Self-Made Men.” Mr. Douglass believed that success is achieved not through luck, but by another word: work. Here are my thoughts.

I checked out Anya Kamenetz’s book DIY-U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education. As a result, I’m exploring education alternatives, including DIY options.

There are a number of people succeeding via the School of DIY on a local, national, and global level. Here are my thoughts on a few who inspire me.

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