1. Why did you go to the DNA lab at the field museum?

We went to the DNA lab today to further increase our knowledge of how our DNA relates to diseases.

2. What did you do there? What three questions did you ask? What were the answers?

While we were there, we went to the DNA exhibit. We watched a movie about DNA and then interviewed a scientist. My three questions that I asked the scientist are:

  • When you die, is there a possibility that your cells could still live on for a certain duration of time? No, when any organism dies, including a human,the cells die too.
  • Why is it important to store DNA in a cold environment? It is important to store DNA in a cold environment so the DNA does not break down. It’s the same concept as storing/freezing raw meat in a way.
  • What needs to be done to extract the DNA out of the sample? You must separate the DNA from the rest of the cellular contents.