The pictures I chose were all about disagreement, because the Department of Defense was trying to stop Wikileaks from passing out information about them — which is showing  irony because  they don’t want everybody to know their secrets, even though their plans against Wikileaks are illegal.

People should know about this Wikileaks case, because there are important cases that the  government hides sometimes from us. which would be  good for us  to know if we  can help.

I learned that the  Department of Defense was not happy about Wikileaks posting their information to the public.

Slide 1: The “Government” is warning the public and wiki leakers that they take matters very seriously. It’s a funny idea to think that the DoD resorted to Twitter for their warnings.

Slide 2: This photo is a joke for people that believe in government hiding secrets. Wiki leaks is a website that gives out supposed government intelligence. Although, the government has often released statements denying the hiding of secret information.

Slide 3: The picture for slide 3 is a picture that I drew myself. The picture is a drawing of a roadside billboard. The billboard reads that the people should support wikileaks in being brought down by the “Government.” This is relevant because on the wiki leaks website, there’s a video that let’s the world know they are being brought down and need the help of the people. My drawing is merely displaying the state of wiki leaks at the moment.

Slide 4: The 4th slide has a drawing that is a U.S dollar. The dollar has a cliche government official on it. His facial expression is bland. Above his picture is a scroll that reads “In the government we trust”. This is a joke because the real dollar says “in God we trust”. This is an exaggeration of the government’s power.

Slide 5 is a quote from Karl Marx.