With my experience in the NASA-funded robotics project, I saw myself grow as a person who can feel confident about the outcomes of dedicated work. By being the team director of this project, having introduced the idea to my math/science teacher Mr. Bae, I learned the importance of commitment and planning. What I did by motivating my peers about this project it became very successful seeing how many students learned from the experience. It taught me the value of team ethic and being a prime instructor for guidance; knowing people could come to me for help and I would subject myself to their needs. It put me in a position of value and self-respect.

I learned about myself in ways of reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses. In areas of education, it is important to recognize what you can improve on and what you can build upon so that learning is a personal process of success. I saw a lot of my abilities come out, and I was also able to focus on improvement in areas of work. Given this project was highly integrated, I noticed various levels of expertise in which I could understand and others regarding social dexterity where I worked on improvements. Being a supporter of a working team taught me many values of the working environment which will prepare me for seeking out progress in my future.

In my efforts to be a person of assistance, I felt my job was to be a guidance for those who were challenged with organization tactics. In other ways, I myself was very caught up with much of this that I wish I could have differently involved myself in more ways. I did provide significance in the building process of the robotic figure, however it was difficult for me to cooperate with other individuals who wanted to share different ideas. Seeing the break down of ideas did advance my own understanding, but I do wish that I could have asserted more authority in that process.

I enjoyed seeing how people really advanced their understanding of group efforts and success in completion. I saw so much progress in how my classmates were genuinely motivated to produce ideas and dedication to the robot design, video work, website development, written portions, and interviewing. It grew to become a individualized passion in which we all wanted to gain something unique out of this experience. I am proud of having helped make this happen for everyone and being there to support them.

In the Millennium Development goals, we have a universal instruction to focus on important modifications in global societies. Robotics in itself is an ever-advancing expression of human evolution of rationality and mental work. We as people living in a connected system of living always develop new ways to assist the wellness of others. In its importance, I find that robotics best suits combating universal education in the sense we can continue to fully understand our capabilities. By integrating robotic building into schools, we can educate people on what can really be understood about human invention and applied functions. Just as I helped make happen at GCE by wanting to use FIRST robotics as a way to teach students professional development skills. Robotic building is not only the outcome of genuinely created function, but a symbol of understanding the importance of making personally dedicated goals to seek successful educational outcomes.

Robots First Step from dede on Vimeo.