For our Forbidden books class Milestone 3 we worked with a WikiLeaks case. My case was the Banking Blockade.
The one word that explains my case is perseverance.
I chose that word because even though WikiLeaks is unable to use 95% of their funds, they are still publishing cases and informing the public. People should know about this case because the governments are trying to shut down WikiLeaks by cutting off their money and if we know how to help we can stop that from happening.

Milestone 3- Narration

Slide One: Essence

This case is about the Banking Blockade that is happening. 95% of Wikileaks funds have been cut off and they have been in a money crisis ever since. My picture is representing Wiki Leaks Vs Bank of America. I wanted to represent Wiki Leaks Vs.Bank of America because it is the main company imposing the lock down. All of the other companies involved such as VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union are more like bystanders of the lock down since they are only partners of Bank of America and are not the ones with the power to freeze the bank accounts.

Slide Two
: Censorship
People censor things because they want to shield us from ourselves, hide all of out faults, and pretend we all are perfect. This means that the government wants us to live in a fantasy world in which we all pretend that no humans do anything that could be thought of as unacceptable. My picture is showing window and blue part is showing that it is glass — and you can see straight through it to what is on the other side. The dark blue part shows that you can’t see through or what’s on the other side. Just like with censorship you only see what they want you to see.

Slide Three
: Importance
It is important that we know about this because it means that the government is trying to get rid of Wikileaks by killing off their funds. We need to also need to know so that we can help Wikileaks alive. What’s happening in the world affects us all directly or indirectly. We need information to make decisions and to make the right ones we need all the information. My picture is an example of each road that we can take. One road leads us to a box where we trap our thoughts, but another road leads past any stops so that we can achieve all.

Slide Four : Economics

The are major economic implications from this case because WikiLeaks can barely access any of their money. This could cause the whole Wikileaks website/ organization to shut down. My picture is how I think a Bank of America might look. There are assistants upstairs working , and downstairs deep in the basement is where there money is kept. The dialogue is a conversation of a Wikileaks staff member trying to get some of their money out.

Slide Five
: Connection
My quote is “Centralisation of the means of communication in the hands of the state” ( Communist Manifesto , p.26). I showed this quote in my picture by drawing a circle of people that could only talk to each other through the government. This would also mean that we would only know what the government wants us to know because they won’t necessarily pass on all the information, or the right information. So basically they can censor any information we have.

Slide Six: Why

I chose this quote because I think it really connects to the idea of censorship when it says communication through the hands of the state. My picture is like the one on the connection slide, except that there is no government official in the middle passing messages. This means we will always no everything because there is no one dictating what we know.

Slide Seven: WikiLeaks

Wikileaks is important because it is a great source of privileged information. My picture is showing a newspaper with the Wikileaks headline. I chose to draw this because it symbols us reading wiki Wikileaks everyday and being updated on all the events. This is important to us because we need information to grow.