Our Organizational Systems and Models class built a robot for the FIRST robotics competition in 2012. We used systems and models to build a robot for our goal. While we were building the robot, we were also thinking about how we can provide solutions with one of 8 Millnenuim Development Goals. Robots could help make our environment sustainable. They could work in the offices and transport food with cleaner energy instead of using oil for cars.

Describe your experiences with the NASA robot project: While working on the project, I helped build the robot’s body and came up with different ideas. Even though I had  never built a robot before, working with peers helped me learn many life lessons like leadership and team work.


What did you learn? What did you learn about yourself?                          Building, creating and learning new thing is one of my favorite activities. I learned about how to team work and how to share ideas. Sometime while we were building the robot, I just want to give up because we had no tools or materials. So I learned myself how to be patient and not to give up easily.

What was the greatest challenge?                                                                                       The greatest challenge was to figure out what is our next steps because we did not have any plans how we were going to build. This was difficult because this was our first year building the robot.

What could you have done differently?                                                                         I could have check how people built a robot on “Youtube” and get some ideas. I could have thought more carefully before I build something, so I did not have to rebuild it.

What did you enjoy the most?                                                                                              I enjoyed building the robot and working with peers. I enjoyed fixing my problems.