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For my Org. Systems and Models class, we built a NASA-funded robot to develop a better understanding of systems and models, how parts fit in to a whole, and why we use models to understand larger and more complex systems. Robot technology inspires systems and models because the system itself has so many components, and without a model to refer to, it is incredibly difficult to understand and create the system.
Org. Systems and Models is aligned with the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals. I believe this project can be focused on the “Global Partnership for Development” goal, because robot technology can be used as a platform for developing leadership and communication skills. Robot technology can help in advanced communication tools such as the iPhone, or other smart technology.
Electric board picture shown above
  • Describe your experiences with the NASA robot project: I loved the NASA robot project! I got the opportunity to express myself artistically while also stepping outside of my comfort zone. I had virtually no experience with video production or editing, but I was assigned as the project coordinator/video editor. I took this task on with apprehension, but with tons of enthusiasm (as did my fellow video developers!), which made it all work out.
  • What did you learn? What did you learn about yourself?: I learned the large variety of talents my peers have, it was incredible. Everyone was very well-rounded. The artists of the class were working on robot building, and the tech-oriented kids were painting the robot at certain points. We all welcomed the project as an opportunity to hone skills, or develop new ones. It was a blast!
  • What was the greatest challenge?: The greatest challenge for me was keeping everyone on the video team to be on the same page. It’s easy to underestimate all of the different components and roles that go in to one project.
  • What could you have done differently?: I would have definitely focused much more on time management and improve my communication skills.
  • What did you enjoy the most?: I loved it all, but I would have to say that editing the video was so much fun. I was learning as I was going along, but I think it all turned out pretty well.