For my class Organizational systems and models ( OSM), we created a final lesson plan that covers units 1, 2, and 3.  I made a slideshow presentation on how basketball plays connect to systems and models.

Here is my presentation :

Why? This class was to teach how models can be used to represent systems in different aspects of life. I will mainly focus on how this works in a basketball offensive play.

How? I will show this by explaining different examples of offensive and defensive plays in basketball. I will assess them with a question on (multiple choice question) to make sure they understand the thesis.

What? I will do a slideshow of my plays of how they support my thesis. I will assist my presentation with videos of an optimal system. At the end I will conduct my pollev survey. The class will go over unit 1,2, and 3.

This is important to the world specifically addressing the UN’s millenium development goals of education because the world’s education system can be organized into systems and models. If children and adults are able to understand these concepts it would make schooling more valuable and worth everyone’s time.