Below is my report and presentation for my disease class regarding how the mathematical problem, (R=L/A) can help the United Nations millennium goals.

In 2,000 the United Nations agreed to achieve eight goals in the world from killing diseases to lowering the mortality rate for kids. There are way ways to do these goals and one way is to use the math equation R=L/A. R being basic reproduction numbers, L being average life span population, and A being the average infection of disease.  This equation can help solve these large goals by reporting news that we need to know to solve diseases, for example if we don’t know the reproduction numbers in the world how can we find out how many people are born with diseases. Also if we don’t know the average infection rate per year, weCan snot find out how many people need help with their disease.

This equation can help set goals for the Nations Millennium by creatingfacts and ideas for situations that could help end world hunger and lower the mortality rate. Also this equation can help find the population in certain places that we need to know that can help fin where disease spread and how they can.

By using this equation we can find out so much from the population of certain places to finding out hoe many people are dyeing hungry and need help. This equation can change millions of things and also achieve the eight goals that the Nations Millennium created in 2,000.