Systems and models presents an omnipresent concept in all organizational applications.

Models are used to understand complex systems because they demonstrate concepts that can be broken down into understandable properties. These properties can range from physical tasks and function, to plans and ideas. Such models can accurately describe a process in which to look to for preparing major outcomes.
We as human beings live based on the fundamental principles of supportive living. This requires needs that can be fulfilled through a system of planned processes for continuing the duration of an assistance. People can be assisted through organization tactics like funding for certain areas of needs when countries are lacking in human resources.
Systems and models are used in technology for various organizational purposes. They are applied from a process of engineering thought then represented in models to allow a testable theory. Such planning can be used in robotics engineering all the way to other forms of structural invention.
Systems and models are important to me because I want to understand logic in all forms. To me it is essential to be able to think like a person of this process in order to live more intelligently and make decisions for desired outcomes.

Bellow is a brief presentation summary of how I ingest systems and models into my life and how it is represented as a logical process in the working world. This is to demonstrate my thesis by which all matters of function in life are presented through systems and models. I demonstrate this using a model from step-by-step systemics.