In my disease class, we studied an equation that is R=L/A and we had to do something creative like come up with a poem or a rap. This project sums up everything that we have learned about the disease course.

Looking into something call REAL is where I got the letter R from
Then looking into the sky I see the letter L saying just let us LIVE
The letter A yelling AIR
Just breath please

I’m trying to use this equations to solve death
The equation of R=L/A
We have people dying left and right
Up and down

All kind of deadly diseases going round
Lets try and stop this disease cause its bring the parents down
Because its very deadly
Killing the young before they can get old

Killing the old
Cause what they was doing when they was young

It hurts me to see the smiles on the kids faces
Turn into frowns

Because of what that person disease did
Did to there mother
A mother of a child

We need others to speak out
Help out
Think out

Because what
Black plague
Spanish flu

Is doing to our community
Our wold
We have the opportunity
To open our mouth and let words flow out
We need to help people who can’t help their self

Lets make a change
But before we make that change
We need to change our self
And the way we do things in this world

Lets make that change!

And I also wrote a paper:
The equation R=L/A
We use this equation to show how many people are living with a disease. All the letters mean something different. The letter R means basic reproduction number, the letter L means Average life span of population, and the letter A means Average age of infection. So if you put all those things together, you first have to find out how long would that population live, than you have to divide that with how many people are affected by that disease.

The reason that you can use this equation to solve how many people are affected by that disease and it can also say how many people are most likely to get it. On the other hand, it can tell you how much medication that is needed to treat those infected and how much health care would be needed, accommodations they would need. Especially,for the women who are pregnant, because their babies can also catch that same disease that they have.

We can also get the right help that their babies need and we can try to stop the spread of the disease going around, especially HIV/AIDS because it is the most deadly disease in Africa. There are millions of people dying from it, and kids are not living long enough to live their lives and we want to make that change, so that we can see our younger ones grow up because they are the future “us.” (Anetai,. 2007)

The things that we do today impacts us in the future and others that are around us. It can also help or hurt our love ones. If we continue to let this disease spread then the population may decrease and there will be a lot of kids that will grow up without parents and a lot of parents who will lose their children because of mistakes that they have made. (Anetai,. 2007)

To back up my information I found some information the title of the article is Top 10 Infectious Disease That Have Killed Millions Of People this is the link to the website that back up some of my information.

Anetai, S. (2007, November 13). Top 10 infectious diseases that have killed millions of people. Retrieved from