For our final presentation in the disease class, our goal was to recap on what we have done through the past trimester.  Below is my report on what I’ve done.

The goal of our disease class is to bring math and science together to understand more about diseases and how they work.  In the first trimester we used mathematical equations to understand how long diseases can live on a host and what the chance of people being infected by diseases is.  In our second unit we went over why people are       susceptible to diseases, and at what ages people are most likely to get these diseases.  In our third unit we went over why diseases spread and how people can catch them.  We also went over which ways people can catch them and what infection rate a disease needs to not be eradicated.

We use mathematical equations to get a better understanding about how diseases work.  Specifically how they transfer from one to another, how deadly they are and how likely someone catches one.  Being able to research and understand these topics save thousands of lives.  Understanding how diseases transfer and how deadly a disease is can help to plan ahead on how to eradicate and make sure no one gets it.

Understanding this topic can be a big help to solving the United Nations Millennium development goals.  Specifically reducing childhood mortality, combat HIV, AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases, and improving maternal health.  All of these can be solved if we can figure out more about HIV, AIDS, Malaria, etc.  With a deeper understanding of these topics we can without a doubt put an end to HIV, AIDS, and Malaria.  (“We can end,” 2011)


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