In my disease class, I researched diseases with one equation that helped me to succeed in my understanding. I looked at R=L/A, where( L) is average life span of population. (A) is average age of infection. (R) is basic reproduction number . The reason why scientists use math to help find solutions for the United Nations Millennium Development Goal is because of two reasons. 1)To help people to understand diseases. 2)To help combat diseases determined by the millennium development goals.

The reason scientists use mathematical models on disease is:

1) To understand diseases.

  • To know how fast a disease spreads.

  • To know the number of percentages of the people who are affected by disease.

  • To know what kind of disease people are suffering from.

  • How long does the disease last.

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2) To know how to treat people to help solve the millennium development goals:

  • When to give medicine to the people.

  • To know the amount of medical preparation.

  • How many days should a person take her/his medicine.

  • how much money the hospital going to spend to buy the medicine.

  • in child health is to give them the right medicine and to know the age so they can’t overdose from taking medicine.


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In my research, I looked at one equation, R=L/A. This equation was important because of two reasons. First is to understand diseases and to know how to help people. Math is important to our lives because it let us do the right things. We can save people and help the world.




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