For our final milestone in disease class, we wrote a paper based on why do we use mathematical theorems to understand diseases. We had to give two reasons why this Equation, R= L/A, help us understand diseases and how it can help solve the united nations millennium development goals.
The equation R= L /A is a very valuable tool for us because it helps identify problems and solutions. Each of these letters stand for something, R stands for basic reproduction number, L stands for average life span of population and A stands for average age of infection.  These variables are so important because it can help us understand diseases.
This equation can help to find solutions or cures for problems defined by United Nation (UN) Millennium Development Goals. The United Nation set eight Millennium Development Goals –  to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, provide child health and maternal health with the target date of 2015.  Two reasons why this equation is important because, 1) the equation identifies how many people of different ages are infected with a disease and 2) to know how many kids need to be treated.

Reason #1
Finding the total number of people who are infected help us  know how much care they need.They need to understand where the problems are by looking at the life span of the population. For example, the UN can stop the spread if they know how many people are there who have the disease. They need to see the improvement over time by looking at the life span. Below is a graph that shows how many people are living with HIV in the world.
Gapminder World, 2008.

Reason #2:
Finding the average age of infection can help the UN support children  with diseases.  The UN can succeed their development goals by knowing how many people are sick. They have to know how much support they need to provide people. Knowing how much people are infected by disease, they could get ready and be familiar with what they are up against.

United, Nation , 2010

Conclusion: Math helps us understand diseases. R=L/A is an example why math help us use it as solution.
The reason why this equation,R= L/A, is important is because we find cures and solutions, we get to ask questions and live into the answers. If the equation was not made, the population would’ve being full of diseases.

Ms. Hania Zlotnik, Director, Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs ,United Nations,  August 2010, New York

Gapminder, UNAIDS online database, 2011.


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In disease class I learned HIV or AIDS are the top killers, in the world

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