The Communist Manifesto has a lot to say about private property, namely, that it should be abolished. WikiLeaks is an organization that does not believe information should belong to one person, but it should belong to everyone. For our unit 3 milestone about economics, it was interesting to study all the ways that WikiLeaks affects not only the governments of the world, but their economies.

My presentation was about the $62 Million given to the Lebanese government in order to investigate further into the assassination of their former prime minister, Rafik Hariri. The bombing that killed him-and 22 other people-was blamed on Syria, creating difficulties in the Syrian-Lebanese relations.

To add the these disagreements, most of the money for the Lebanese Tribunal was given to Lebanon by countries who were part of the U.N. and supposed to be non-partisan. This situation was exposed by WikiLeaks and the information is now available to everyone. We looked at why and how this happened, and if it is the right thing for WikiLeaks to do.

I believe that information should be available to everyone but I understand why it has been kept secret.