Guiding Question: Why is matter characterized in medicine?

A: Matter is characterized in medicine because matter is everything that is something. All medicine is made of molecules. Molecules are one of the simplest form of matter. Medicine is made of different molecule components, that are all derived from matter.

Q: Why is it helpful to build your molecule?

A: It’s helpful to build my molecule because most people who need help understanding science can really feel it out. It’s easy to see each part and understand what each peice means. For example, a white ball means hydrogen, a red ball means oxygen.

Q: what did you do?

A: For my Global Health Cure class,  the molecule I was given is called Montelukast. It helps with breathing difficulties. I built the molecule as closely to the image as possible.

Q: How did you do it?

A: I built my molecule with sticks and styrofoam balls. I connected them percisely to the picture I was given. Each stick and ball connection was glued. After I was finished, we hung it on the ceiling for staff and students to see.

Q: What does my molecule do?

A: My molecule helps breathing problems and lung diseases. It’s put in medicine that prevents asthma attacks.