My mandala piece was a way for me to combine: myself, my book and my class. This mandala project gave me an artistic format to portray these qualities. I picked this format because of my lack of artistic ability. I used a picture of a mandala I found off the internet and had a classmate of mine trace it. The reason why I did this was to allow my ideas to be shown but not diminished  by the lack of artistic ability. I am proud of the depth of my project. I truly was able to make it my own and dive into many parts of my life. This allowed me to learn a lot about myself. This project could not have come at a better time. I am currently making my decision on which college to attend next fall and this kind of introspective project is just what the doctor ordered. It allowed me to figure out what I’m truly looking for in a college and how I can endure all the challenges that I will face next year.

ZS Mandala board