Here is a Mandala I created for my English/History class Endurance. Mandala’s are common art forms used for meditation in countries like Brazil. I took the assignment pretty literally in that I have the basic outline of a Mandala but I incorporated my work into the project like a journal entry (like my character from the book I read, “Into The Wild”. I kept the colors simple to keep the focus on the written work (and kept images in the background). The main theme I pulled out from this particular unit was the power from within oneself and that was emphasized in the project. I’m proud of the final outcome.

Here is my mandala…

HP Mandala 1


  • paper clippings = excerpts from Endurance assignments
  • quote = From ” Falling Whistles” newspaper clipping about survival
  • rope image = wilderness surviving, conquering fears
  • ship = representing Shackleton’s journey of endurance which we read in class
  • 3 outside texts – displaying what we did (Solo’s and Into the Wild) and emphasizing the power of 1.