Dam Palestinian hip hop group are these people that always speak up for their rights and for other people’s rights. They are not afraid of anything; they stand for the truth and for peace.
My character in Antigone is Haemon, he wasn’t afraid of anything when he spoke to his father. He stood for the truth, no matter what. He tried to reason, or put logic into the king about what he was doing.
After I finished this milestone, i understood that I should always stand for the truth no matter what, I stand for what my brain tells me to do not what my heart tells me.

Enjoy reading:

“The situation is not about Hosni Mubarak, but the reality is now about Egypt, its present, the future of its sons, all Egyptians are in the same trench, therefore, we should continue our national dialogue That have already started in the spirit of groups but not enemies.”
Hosni Mubarak

Today I am speaking for those who spoke but were not heard, I am speaking for those who are in charge of the country,  I speak for those who spoke but no one payed attention to them. I wanted to speak and save my country from those who have no feelings.
You know what I can make it easy for you to change tomorrow.
If you start studying your past you will be able to reach the future
understand the meaning of occupation in your mind
and have the meaning of independence in your heart
Now Please Repeat after me:
Red is Egyptian hardness, and bravery at war,
black is Determination,
white is peace and honesty,
and the golden eagle is freedom and power
We will paint our culture, we feel it even though we can’t see it
The ones who erased it, still didn’t erase us
and if you the president left our country,
keep in mind that we will never do that
Parents tell your kids to not grab a gun
but to grab a pen and write to learn
I’ll never kill the others just to live ( “I hope that is something i never learn to do. but other words it might be good as well. because of who you are you can’t perceive all the things man say or do.”)

My head will always be up high as long as I am an Egyptian                                                 My hand will never let go from those who wants my help                                                    (if you don’t understand                                                                                             What I’m saying, go and ask your parents)                                                                    And if no one has the answers, study it alone                                                                      So you can teach your kids in the future !