For my Identity monologue milestone I chose Lindsay Lohan because she has a very strong influence on society. Her recklessness but truth shows all of society a truth that we rarely see.

I think Lindsay Lohan relates to the character Teiresias from Antigone. I think this because Teiresias is a prophet, who only speaks the truth. Lindsay Lohan will only speak and act the truth, even though she may lose some folllowers.

I believe that I stand for the truth over any circumstance. I also learned that truth may come in many shapes and sizes, not only in words, but in actions.

Lindsay Lohan Truth Speech
I know I’ve made mistakes, some I’m proud of, some I’m not. I lot of my fans and faithfuls have given up on me. I accept my wrong doings, I do tell you that I have never been a liar. Not only in my words and speeches, but in my actions. I am here to inform you that not all of the men and women you see on TV are not what they see. My actions are the truth to what we celebrities really are. I am not one to lie to you people. One comparison that I can make is the one that I can compare myself to the great greek prophet Teiresias.

Teiresias is one to never lie to his believers. Many kings and monarchs came Teiresias expecting to hear that they were great, and powerful. This didnt’t bother Teiresias, he only gave the prophecies that were true.

I stand before this court, being accused of drug possession, and abuse of illegal drugs. I now realize that my actions have led many to not take me seriously. I do want to inform you that my mission of making an impact has been more successful than most may think. While many politicians can never capture the attention of many people that are very important to society. My movies and TV shows can truly touch all of the social and political audiences. I feel this can connect to people better than any high end politician.

As I obviously know I am speaking to use a judge, but I feel that I can reach you as a person. I feel I can reach to everyone as a person. I may display my truths to a public, which isn’t a positive to many. Although I feel that this helps me to connect to you all as a person, not a celebrity who has her speeches written for her. Just as Teiresias did many years ago, I will always tell the truth, with my words and my actions.