I chose Megan Fox as my public figure because she has a strong influence on the modeling and movie business just as Creon has a strong influence on the politics of his kingdom. My connection between the character Creon in Antigone and Megan Fox is the fact that I believe Megan Fox and Creon are both blinded by their arrogance, power and selfishness. What I stand for after finishing milestone 1 is the freedom of speech for all actors no matter how arrogant they are.

Dear fans, you may think that my remarks towards Michael Bay when I called him Hitler in how he directs was outrageous and disrespectful. I can see how you may feel this way, but have you ever worked on a movie with him? I don’t think so. Maybe the comparison with Hitler was a little too much, but the idea of trying to tell my loyal fans how poorly Michael Bay directs movies should be heard.

You might think of me as a mean person now. But don’t look at it like that. I’m simply telling you the truth about this man. He thinks he rules everyone who partakes in the movies he directs. But you know you’re speaking to the women who rules you, when you talk about me negatively. I am the one that made transformers what it is today.

So do not listen to the lies and false accusations that you hear from Michael Bay and his distrustful fans. I am the one you should trust. Not him, not his fans, me! They are trying to make me look like the bad girl simply because I am trying to get the truth out of how Michael Bay truly is. It is not his directing that makes movies what they are today. It is his hardworking actors, like me, who make his movies. He just takes all the glory when it should really go all to me!

So think about it my loyal fans. I know what I’m saying is right and that they are just trying to make me look bad. so look into your hearts and trust me, Megan Fox.