In drama class we each had to create a monologue in the voice of a political figure. We also had to connect the political figure to a character from the play Antigone. I picked Anne Frank as my political figure because I admire her optimism. Also I think she represents hope and forgiveness. Reflecting on this milestone I feel that I stand for happiness. I think this because even though some things in my life are hard I choose to not let that overcome me.
“It’s difficult in times like these; ideals dreams and cherished hopes rise within us only to be crushed by grim reality. It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals they seem so absurd and impractical yet I cling to them because I believe in spite of everything that people are good at heart”. ( Anne Frank 21st July 1944)
I am tried continuously in these times of my faith in humanity. I suppose my hope for freedom should be wasting away every second, every minute, every moment I am waiting for news that the war is over. I often  think that we have already lost the war. Why else would the only things in my life consist of being locked away in a secret annex with four other Jewish families. For it is all I can do to escape the wrath of a man who despises my existence. How can a war be fought if there is no one left to fight on my team. The few of us left are the hidden and if we were to appear his followers would gather us up, put us in chains and lock us away. The only thing we would have to look forward to is death. We Jews are powerless in the Second World War; we are powerless to Hitler. It is as if Hitler has the power of death on his side and he is sending it after us. So all i can do is sit and wait to be found.  Sometimes i think the waiting will drive me to insanity. But I always remember that every day I live no matter the circumstances is one more day living; that someone else is not. Maybe I am like the old blind prophet Teiresias; for he could feel like he lives in despair. Because in the city of Thebes prophets are frowned upon and he is lonely and blind. But he lets the blindness be a blessing instead of a curse. He does not judge by what he sees and does not see the future with his own mind but allows the thoughts of a higher power to guide him. I know that I am also frowned upon not because of who I am because of  what I am. But i cherish both I will not let either turn my life into a curse. Teiresias believes that all men can right their evil and subside their ignorance if they choose to; because underneath all men is good. Teiresias once said“ All men make mistakes, thats not uncommon. But when they do they’re no longer foolish or subject to bad luck if they try to fix the evil into which they’ve fallen. Once they give up their intransigence.”(Antigone). My only hope left is to put faith in the evil and that one day soon they will realize that I am a human to.