GL Mandala 1

The purpose of this piece was to create a Mandala that is meaningful to me. A Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. These are usually made in the Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions, showing four gates with a center point that have spiritual and ritual significance. I decided to make a dreamcatcher, because to me dreamcatchers are very interesting and beautiful: they balance good and bad; you have the chance to catch all your bad dreams and throw them out, they as well catch all the good dreams and keep them in the catcher.

Through a dreamcatcher, it was easy to represent many things in my life. The feathers represent my parents and I. The strings movement can relate to water and its natural flow which in the autobiography I am reading relates to Isadora Duncan, the great modern dancer, and the way she always enjoyed water’s natural movement. The red represents passion and fire when I push myself as far as I can go. While the blue comes naturally to me. Together they both represent the red and blue beads which balance each other out.

When the string is still it represents the permanent things in my life and the tails is looked at as the wisdom I have in my life. The big breaded piece represents the enjoyment I get out of something like the sunshine — and that one thing that always keeps me going.

I am very proud that I got the chance to create this. I’ve always wanted to make a dreamcatcher — It took almost $25 and about an hour and a half for me to create. I’m very satisfied with the way it turned out. This Mandala was one of the most meaningful projects i’ve made this year. I’m sure in the future i’ll make more dreamcatchers, I enjoyed this project a lot and cant wait to do something like this again.