Name: Dunkey

Age: 2

Hometown: Under your bed.

Current Location: In your closet

Family: Mike Wazowski

Education: Monsters Inc

Occupation: Being a monster

Hobbies: Playing in snow, reading books.

Variables in your life: He really likes to play but since it’s his job he has to scare kids.

Are you the puppet or the puppet-master of your life?

He is the puppet because he wants to be friendly and isn’t very scary but he still has to scare kids to make money.

Dunkey was born and raised under your bed by Mike Wazowski and the whole community of monsters. Even though he is still young by human standards, monster work labor laws haven’t been enforced to the fullest extent so child labor is exploited and poor Dunkey has been forced to scare children against his will. Dunkey deals with this by understanding there are other monster babies in this situation, and also tries to sneak the children candy to make the experience less painful for him. Other monsters are aware of this and Dunkey has suffered the consequences, making those individuals rivals of Dunkey. While he is off duty, Dunkey enjoys reading books and gossip magazines, along with playing in the snow by himself (or on rare occasion with his friend).