GCE Winter 2012

Integrated Performance and Visual Arts

String Theory: Puppets in Motion

Junior/ Seniors

Thursday 04.26.2012

Character Profiles:

Name: Scruffy

Age: 5

Hometown: Chicago

Current Location: West-side of Chicago Austin

Family: orphan

Education: Sidewalk High

Occupation: Con Artist

Hobbies: eating , scamming, running

Variables in your life:Get the most out of very little

Are you the puppet or the puppet-master of your life?: Puppet-master

THEME: variables in the character’s decision-making

Crime and Comedy


  • Driven

  • Hungry

  • Unlucky

  • Clumsy

  • Smart

Scruffy has had an unlucky life, born an Orphan. Which has taught him to take care of himself and get by however he can. Everything he knows he learned from living on the streets. His a dog Con artist. He may fool you with his sad eyes and long tale but this doggy is smarter than he looks. He commits petty crimes and gets away with it every time. He’s never had to think about anyone else besides himself. But then when he meets an old man that helps him get away from getting took to the pound, he must give up his selfish ways and use his street smarts to help return the favor to his new friends.