Why did you go to the UIC biological science lab?

For my global health cure course, we are focusing about finding some cures for many disease. We went to the UIC bio. lab to find out research between animals and humans. I met with four scientists there.

1)The mouse lab with Dr.Tien Wang

Question: Why are you doing your research?

Answer: The goal is that we want to find heart disease cures and know how we are related to animals.

2) Elegans worm lab with Dr.Pete Okkema

Question: How would you benefit your work?

Answer:  From working in the morning, to the end of the day, he discovers new things everyday. He looks at worm genes that are related to human.

3)Yeast lab with Dr.David Stone

Question:How long have you done your yeast experiment?

Answer: Four to five years of research.

4)Engineering bio lab with Dr.Brian Kay

Question:Are you willing to find any treament for diseases?

Answer:Yes, I think about sharing somes idea with people to help find treatment for diseases.