For global health cure course, we went to the UIC biological department and met with 4 world class scientists. They took us on a tour of there labs and showed us research that they have been working on. During the tour, we asked multiple questions for each scientist.

I asked Dr. Wang Tien of the mouse lab, what are your researching on mice today? She said that she is currently working on dissecting babies from their mothers. This research may help find  treatment for heart diseases in humans.

I asked Dr. Pete Okkema of the worm lab, what do you try to find in worms? He said that he was trying to find out certain ways worms mutate into different things, and how they react to things. This research may help find a treatment for cancer.

I asked Dr. David Stone of the yeast lab, what are you planning to find in your research? He said that he was trying to fiugre out how cells in yeast grow. This helps humans find out what we are drinking.


I asked Dr. Brian Kay of the bio engineering lab, what do you plan on doing in the future with your research? He said that he wants to be a professor and continue on with researching.