For global health Cure class, we went to the UIC Biological Science Department to get more ideas about why do we do experiments on  animals instead of  humans.


Yeast lab with Dr. David Stone

When did you started working on yeast?

About 6 years ago and I am still working on my final thesis.

C. Elegans Worm Lab Dr. Pete Okkema.

What makes you work on worms? Why?

Working on worms can give you many answers which leads you to more questions when you know one part. Once you know how fast they reproduce, you can find genetic information about them. Understanding worm’s may be able to diagnose cancers and other diseases or treatments for humans.
The mouse lab with Dr. Tien Wang

What did you find intriguing in mice?

We identified that heart forms first in the embryo of a mouse.This research might lead us to know how to cure or treat people with heart problems.


Engineering Bio Lab Dr. Brian Kay

What happens in the eye when laser hit’s it?

Your eye can be blinded  because it damages the nerve in your eyes. This research can help us find treatment for eye damage.