For our global health cure course, we visited UIC’S Biological science department to better understand how scientists work towards the treatment and cures of diseases.

Dr. Pete Okkema’s lab:

Q:What did you get your PHD in?
A: A PHD in Bio chemistry.


Dr. David stone’s lab:

Q:How long did it take it to you create a science poster?

A: About 2 weeks.


Dr. Brian Kay’s lab:

Q: What is the main goal your lab is working towards accomplishing?           A: To engineer new forms of anti-bodies to help find treatment for people.


Dr. Tien Wang’s lab:

Q:What was the most intriguing thing you have found about mice?                 A: That the heart  of the mouse and ours are strikingly similar in shape and functions. The photo below is of our group investigating the embryos of mice.