For global heath cure course, we went to the UIC biological department to visit different labs and interview the scientists there. We learned about the experiments they do to help solve cures.


1. Dr.Tien Wang-Mouse Lab 

Q:What type of experiments do you on mice?

A: We remove the mouse genes and take the heart out.

2. Dr. Pete Okkema-Worm Lab

Q: What are worms like?

A: Worms are similar to humans. They can smell, have muscles, and learn new things.

3. Dr.David Stone-Yeast Lab

Q: How long have you done your yeast experiment?

A: It took me four to five years to do my yeast experiment.

4. Dr.Brain Kay- Engineering Bio Lab

Q: Do you dissect any animals?

A: Yes we dissect mice, rabbits, and chickens. We do this so that we can find cures for people.