For global health cure course, we went to the UIC bio lab to extend our learning for the global health cure class course. We went to the labs and asked professors some questions.

The first lab we went to was the Yeast Lab with Dr.David Stone. We got to interview her and she was such an interesting person that looks forward to her future. We got to ask her questions and one of my question was about her project, how long was she working on her yeast experiment, and she said it took her four to five years to do it.


The second lab we went to was the mouse lab with Dr. Tien:  It was such an interesting lab. We saw a small baby mouse and we saw it’s heart. We got to ask the professors some questions and one of my questions that I asked her was. why did she choose to work with mice? She said they are similar to humans. This will help find treatment for heart disease in humans.

The third lab we went to was the elegant worm lab with Dr. Pete Okkema. He was such an interesting professor that does experiments with worms. He said that before he got interested of being a scientist, he had to wash dishes in a lab and that is how he started liking lab work. He changed his mind a thousand times about his career, but now he currently loves his job. My question to him was, where does he find his worms? He said that he grows the worms in the lab and you can find them in the soil. This research may help find cure for cancer.

The last lab was engineering bio lab with Dr.Brian Kay that works in antibody engineering to make synthetic reagents. His work is on biology analysis as well as diseases diagnostics for possible therapies. He had a project about lasers and how it effects the eye. My question to him was, what is the goal out of your current project? He said that he wants to help medical doctors.