For our global health cure course, we went to UIC to better understand how cures are found.  We saw four amazing scientists by the names of Dr. Tien Wang, Dr. Pete Okkema, Dr. David Stone, and Dr. Brian Kay.

While visiting Dr. Tien Wang’s mouse lab, I asked him the question why do you dissect mice and how does it relate to your studies.  He responded that both the mice and the human have a very similar heart. They test on mice to help find treatments for humans.

While visiting Dr. Pete Okkema in the worm lab, I asked the question what major discoveries have come from the research of worms?  He responded that he discovered gene transcription factors that are very similar to humans.  This research can help cure cancer.

While visiting Dr. David Stone in the yeast lab, I asked him the question why does yeast help combat infections?  He responded that yeast is a very easy thing to reproduce and is a great subject to study regarding bacteria.

Out last stop was visiting Dr. Brian Kay in the engineering bio lab. I asked him why he chose to study bio engineering? He responded that by studying and making life was such an amazing thing to do and it was something he is really passionate about.