For our Student Enterprise class, we went to Vosges. We investigated marketing/sales strategies.

Definition of Market :

One thing I learned about the definition of the market is to know who your target audience is and when that market will be most active. This is important because companies like Vosges have extremely increased activity during certain time periods but since they don’t want to waste chocolate they need to know how much to produce.

Description of Product :

Vosges is a company that sells very fine chocolate which in many cases is mixed with very unusual ingredients like bacon. They also make other chocolate products and sell them to companies. They also package their chocolates very carefully and beautifully so the product is pretty expensive, and to be treated like a delicacy.

Marketing and Sales Strategy :

Their sales strategy goes along with their mission statement :  “bring peace to the world through chocolate”. Their chocolate attempts to convey messages through the ingredients and flavors used. They try to find ideal locations like in airports to sell the chocolate. Also, they sell their products through websites making them very successful.