Name: Zelgadis
Age: Older than time
Hometown: Portchester, New York
Current Location: Chicago, IL
Family: Has no parents, but a mysterious evil twin named Vargasquez. Vargasquez tends to impersonate him and get him into trouble.
Education: Zelgadis has never received education. He always insisted that he was “too cool for school.”
Occupation: Fugitive/ Intergalactic Bounty Hunter
Hobbies: As a bounty hunter, Zelgadis likes to play video games with bounty hunters. His favorite video game series is the “Metroid” series, featuring elusive bounty hunter: Samus Aran.
Variables in your life: His evil twin is his biggest conflict in his life. Besides this, he never really has any variables to deal with. He is very carefree.
Are you the puppet, or the puppet master? I think he is the puppet. Fictionally, he is somebody who only does what he wants to do.

Once Zelgadis was returning from the lost planet of Fargidrow. He had just exterminated a clan of intergalactic pirates. He had just been wondering what job he should do next when he got a hologram from his brother. His brother told him that he was holding innocent extra terrestrials hostage, and threatening to kill them if Zelgadis didn’t turn himself into the space police (Zelgadis is also a fugitive wanted for many historical crimes.) Zelgadis considered long and hard about giving in, but decided that he would not succumb to evil. So Zelgadis lied to his brother and said he was turning himself in. Instead, he intercepted where the signal was coming from to track him down. He stealthily captured his evil twin, while securing the safety of the extraterrestrials, which proved to be extraordinarily supernatural. Unfortunately, Vargasquez was also immortal. So after he served his 200 years in space prison, Vargasquez was released to wreak havoc for his brother.