For our student enterprise course, we went to Vosges. We investigated sales/ marketing at the company.



– Vosges market is mainly based in the United States. They market their chocolate by focusing on their concept of traveling around the world through chocolate. They supply the country with high end unique and flavorful chocolates for any body of any age to try. Vosges mainly focuses on the people who are willing to try something completely different and new.

Product/ Service

-The products they make are chocolates that come in different lines and packaging. Vosges has an edge over other companies because they are more innovated. With every product Vosges comes out with chocolate that is created with care and love.

Marketing/ Sales Serving

– Vosges chocolate is a unique company which started off very small and soon developed into a successful business created by a woman named Katrina. Katrina’s plan for her company revolve around a chart she uses to create her business and chocolate. The chart includes 4 steps. The first step is to fall in love and make sure you truly love what you are doing. The next one is inspiration; to create an inspiring business is very important to keep you motivated and excited about the product and or business. The next step is to take action which simply means if you are in love and inspired to create something don’t let anything stop you take action and make it happen. The last step is to have experience. Everyday building your product and business you deal with challenges. In the end, no matter what happens you get the chance to learn from the experiences you have to improve your business. Over all, this business is on the rise to become something much bigger than it is now.