For our student Enterprise course, we went to Vosges. We investigated marketing and sales strategy at the company.We also learned about Katrina(founder of company) and why/how she built Vosges company. One of the reason she built this company is to travel the world with chocolate.

Definition of Market
Her goal is to Inspire and interact people with chocolate and travel through the world with chocolate.

Description of Product and Serving
Vosges company is founded by Katrina Markoff, who traveled to many counties to experience different kinds of foods. She went to Italy, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Korean and India…etc.They have different kinds of chocolate from different countries like Africa, India, Korea, Thailand and many more. They produce the product which is good because they do not have to buy it from other companies. This saves them money and transportation costs. They also do packaging, transfer the products to around the world who want to buy chocolate.

Marketing and Sales Strategy
After they produced chocolate, they send it to the chocolate stores and people who want to buy chocolate around the world through websites. They sell it to all ages.