The purpose of this field experience was to see how a business works and how it manufactures products. Vosges is a company that makes it’s own chocolate so we got to visit the factory where it is made. We learned how much work goes into making the chocolate and how the people working there have to make a certain amount each day. Vosges is a growing company so the demands for their chocolate is huge. The place that the chocolate was being made was not as big as I imagined, it was not like Willy Wonka’s factory, but it was still amazing that they could make that much chocolate in one building.

We talked to other employees about market strategies and how you need to have a clear goal of what you want for your business. They told us that everything should be considered such as the  sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities. We also talked to Katrina who started the company and she informed us on how she got started in the chocolate business and what inspired her dream for Vosges. Her vision was “Travel the World Through Chocolate,” which is a good statement because they have stores in the airport where people are getting on planes to travel. Also I think she wants people to take away that when you eat chocolate you need to open your mind and take risks. It is the same way when you travel to somewhere new. Katrina also shared with us her creative process:

Step 1: Fall in Love – The act of falling in love with with either beauty, curiosity or cause.

Step 2: Inspiration – A moment of transparency when you can see the vision clearly and connect it to your craft.

Step 3: Action – Doing something to physically create the idea.

Step 4: Experience – When you embark upon your personal sensory journey and admiring what you have accomplished.

Photo: Vosges.

ulterior epicure (2006) Vosges Haute Chocolat. Internet: