Name: Caroline

Age: 18

Hometown: Austin Texas

Current Location: Kentucky

Family: Only child, very wealthy, lives with parents, has a Chihuahua

Education: Still in high school, gets nerds to do her work

Occupation: She will never have to work a day in her life (her dad will always support her)

Hobbies: Being mean, shopping and whipping people

Variables in your life: She wants to effortlessly become famous (power and influence)

Puppet Master


* Caroline is 18. She is a mean girl that has had everything she has ever wanted, handed to her. Caroline has never worked a day in her life and is known at her school as the popular brat. She is very good a controlling anyone and most people are very intimidated by her. There are many examples of Caroline performing her cunning control, but one of the more memorable ones took place when Caroline was in 6th grade. A boy named Timmy was hanging out with his girlfriend Jenni one day at the playground. Caroline did not like Jenni for reasons that still remain unknown. Caroline decided it would be a good idea to pour her grape soda on Jenni’s new white dress…but Caroline couldn’t do it and risk getting in trouble. Caroline decided it would be a good idea to call Timmy over and have him do it. Caroline somehow had the ability to convince Timmy it was a good idea and did it almost immediately. As we can all see, Caroline was an unknown power. She is very spoiled by her parents and is an only child. Her little doggie Diigo, is a very pampered pooch that is almost as spoiled as her owner. Caroline drives a Mercedes convertible with custom pink rims. She lives a life of luxury, and only worries about herself.