Name: Mangy Mac
Age: Seven (in cat years that’s 175)
Hometown: Chicago
Current Location: Chicago
Family: Unknown, ran away from his mama cat very young.
Education: from the streets!
Occupation: rat tormentor, keeping other cats on the block in line
Hobbies: reading old philosophical texts, spying, killing rats, keeping an eye on the hood.
Variables in your life: To find a wife and make kittens with her, to become a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago.

Mangy “The Don” Mac has been the king of the cats in Ukrainian Village for the past five years, since he’d gotten into a huge war with the previous Don of the league of cats, “Big Julio”. He lost a chunk of his ear in the fight, but he has been the respected ruler of the Ukranian Village cats ever since. Feared, but revered.