Vosges (Chocolate Factory) is a business founded by Katrina. The chocolate industry is driven by the founder’s creativity and ambition, and her employees are hard- working, well treated, and well fed. Inside the factory we saw all of the machines used to create the chocolate, and the complexity of the assembly line blew my mind. The target market of Vosges is anybody who loves chocolate as much as I do. I think it is very difficult to define the profile of the target market, because I seldom meet people who don’t like chocolate.

This company serves toffees, candies, caramel, and basically anything chocolate related. My favorite product that we got to taste was the truffles. While meeting with the CEO, she let us taste her world- famous truffles. The ingredients were very strange sounding and inventive, and half of them I would never imagine would go well with chocolate. But every time I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the ingredients include; olive oil, olives, wasabi, bacon, coconut, and curry.

Apparently, the chocolate business is very competitive. In order to be successful, the goal is to make a high quality product, which Vosges has clearly achieved. Distribution depends on the demand for the product. And although statistics cannot predict the future, it is important for Vosges to research where chocolate sells well, and ship their product there. Vosges has a great branch at the airport, right underneath terminal 1. So if you are ever waiting for your plane at O’Hare, I suggest you make a stop for some gifts for a friend, or some gifts for your taste buds. Another important thing to research is how much you should sell your products. You want to sell your product cheap, so that people will be more inclined to buy it. But more importantly, you cannot sell your product too cheap where you can’t make any profit. I think Vosges has found a perfect balance, because their high quality products are affordable.