For our GCE Catalyst class we took a field trip to Orbit Media. Orbit Media is a company that creates web sites for other companies. We visited them to get an example of how we could apply the skills that we learn in this class in the real world.

From this field experience that even if you pick the wrong career you still have the chance to go back and learn a more skills. It’s really important to pick a job that you like doing because otherwise you will always struggle with it. Internet technology fields are just going to continue to progress and that it would be a good field to go into because there is always a healthy job market.

I think this field experience supported my learning in the GCE Catalyst class because I was able, to see and learn about another job market that I never though about entering before.This is important because I should be considering multiple job careers.

We went to Orbit Media Studios in Irving Park. While we were there we met with Tod, Mary Fran, Amanda and Sam. Tod is the CEO if the company he manages money,customers and day to day work process. Amanda works in marketing, she helps advertise. Mary Fran is a web designer she customizes the website to the customers taste; by meeting with them and keeping the updated in the process of building the website. Sam is a web developer he controls the technical aspect of the website. After hearing about all these careers,I realized that there is a lot of work that goes into creating websites. This matters to me because I think it’s important to see the skills we learn in school applied in life?