Today for our field experience we visited Orbit Media Studios located near the Irving park brown line. We visited Orbit Media to better understand HTML coding and the field of internet technology.

During our visit there we learned a couple of new versions of HTML coding, .PHP and Java Script. Both of these different ways to code a website are more user friendly then the more classic HTML coding that we are learning. While .PHP and Java Script may be more user friendly than our HTML. Our HTML coding is the basis to coding almost any website therefore to better understand web coding you have to learn the HTML that we are now.

3 Things I learned while on FE is that the usual length of creating a brand new customized website for a company is around 6 to 8  months. I learned the two new kinds of coding .PHP and Java Script and .PHP coding is another language where it imputs the coding for you while you make the edits. which both are easier to use than regular HTML coding. The third and final thing I learned about coding and designing a website is that there are three different kinds of websites that Orbit Media Studios creates. There called marketing sites, custom applications and e-commerce sites. A custom applications site is a site that is completely customized from scratch. A e-commerce site is a site where you can make purchases the companies goods off their website. Some examples are, Amazon, Pacsun, Urban outfitter etc and a marketing site is a site to advertise a company’s goals or mission. It is used to get their company name out.

This FE trip helped to support furthering my learning in HTML by showing me how the top notch web designers organize and create their websites. Their insight, experience and tips for web design will definitely help me during my HTML course at GCE.

We had four main speakers talk to us about web design. Their names were Sam, Marry Fran, Tod and Amanda. Sam is one of Orbit Studios top HTML coders for their websites, Marry Fran is one of the top Website designers. Sam and Marry Fran are the two that bring their websites to life. While Marry Fran makes the websites visually appealing for the customers, Sam is the one working behind the scene to keep the website in order, making everything working perfectly etc. Tod is the CEO of Orbit Media Studios and Amanda’s role is the marketing off their websites. Tod’s role as a CEO is the day to day job of keeping the work place in order and to keep his clients happy and Amanda’s role at Orbit Media is to keep a relationship with her clients and to help the business with the job of keeping clients coming back for more.