For milestone 2, we studied the purity of water. I used a water purification detector, which looked at the parts per million in water. I measured tap water from my kitchen, toilet water in my bathroom, and Ice Mountain bottled water to see which was the purest. Below is my lab report and results.


1. I will be studying whether or not bottled water really is better for you rather than regular tap water, by using a ppm tester. I will be testing three different water sources, one brand of bottled water, one cup of tap water from my kitchen sink, and one cup of toilet water from my bathroom. The purpose of this is to gain a better understanding of what water is really good for us versus what the advertising companies tell us, and if there really is a difference.

2. I don’t believe there will be a reasonable enough difference between the bottled water and my house tap water to say that bottled water is better foryou. I think the tap water will actually be purer than the bottled water, and I think the toilet water will only be less pure because it will have been sitting in the toilet for at least an hour.

3. Materials:

-3 cups to keep the water in

-access to toilet and tap water

-ppm measurer

-bottled water

Methods: I will have each cup filled and marked according to what is in them, I will then measure their parts per million and record them, and collect my data.

Tap water: 151 PPM
Toilet Water: 154 PPM
Ice Mountain Bottled Water: 178 PPM

This experiment has shown me that tap water is much purer than drinking Ice mountain bottled water. I would have to test multiple homes in multiple places and many more companies of bottled water to say that tap water is for sure purer than bottled water, but I do know that I would rather drink my tap water at home than a bottle of Ice Mountain. A more in depth experiment should be conducted and published, and this experiment has made me curious to learn more about the water we drink and I do wonder if such a report exists. The other information I got was that toilet water is in fact purer than bottled water. I believe the toilet water was less pure than the tap water only because it is often sitting for longer and in an area where waste is deposited. All in all, I believe the experiment was a success and my hypothesis was proven.