Today, we visited Orbit Media Studios. Orbit is a web design company that is located in Chicago. We visited them to learn more about the process that is involved in building and designing a website. We also visited them to learn more about coding, web design, and the business side of web consulting.

We learned a lot of things at Orbit today. First, there are many more roles to designing a website than you might assume. Some of the jobs people there had include project managers, web designers, web strategists, marketing managers, CEO’s, and various other positions. A web designer is in charge of using Photoshop or illustrator to create an image that the client can approve or disapprove. A web developer works with the web designer to write the code to match the image, and also make sure everything works. I also learned that designing the website and writing the code are two roles that are polar opposites. However, they compliment each other very well. Both are necessary for creating a website. Another thing that I learned is that the language they use to code is .php.

This field experience supported my learning in this course (HTML/ GCE Catalysts) because we got to see a real life example of how website creation is applied in the real world. Orbit is a very successful company, which proves that learning what we are is very applicable to our future careers, if we so choose.