For today’s Field experience our HTML class went to Orbit Media Studio. Orbits Media Studio is a consulting firm that creates high-end and high-quality websites. They revealed to us all the steps that go into creating a website. They explained to our class that they always have an open dialogue with their clients to ensure satisfaction. They gave us a fantastic overview of everything that goes on at Orbits. They showed us all the kinds of websites they make, which are: E-commerce, marketing and custom applications.

We met with members of the Orbits management team. We met with their CEO, head of marketing, and web developer. Todd, the CEO, explained to us all the business aspects orbits. He explained to us all the “bang” that their customers get for their “buck”. He said for $20,000+ they will build any company a fantastic website. Our class then met with Mary Fran, a world-class designer. She told us about all the hard work that goes into designing. She explained to us that she uses photoshop and other kinds of design tools to create amazing looking websites. Sam, the web developer warned us on becoming complacent in school. He explained that coding only gets easier but it is a lot of hard work. He also told us that their sites use PHP coding as well as Javascript which is a much more advanced form of coding (our class uses HTML). This form of code is much more responsive and dynamic. It is still based on html.

So what does this all mean? What did we learn? This field experience was helpful on many different levels. Orbits taught us that creating a website is a long process and we need to be patient. We leaned that it takes 150-200 hours to create a website. We also learned that understanding ourselves is imperative to the direction of our website. We need to know what we want from our website and where we want to go with it. The knowledge that we obtained today will truly be valuable going forward.